Books, magazines and catalogues


2015 Handwerken zonder grenzen, Netherlands
2015 Through our Hands Catalog, England
2015 Library Thoughts Catalog, Hungary
2014 Workbox Magazine , England
2013 Connected Cloth, Cas Holmes/ Anne Kelley. Batsford, UK.
2013 Sofia Amateras Paper Biennale. Bulgary
2013 Art Quilts in Nederland, Henk Lijding, Netherlands.
2013 Patchwork Professional issue 2, Germany
2012 Textile Forum, issue June, Germany.
2012 Quilting Arts Magazine, summer issue, USA.
2012 Textiles, The Art of Mankind, Mary Schoesser, Thames and Hudson, UK.
2012 “ Textiel Leeft” , Ellen Bakker, the Netherlands.
2012 Textil Forum, July issue, Hannover, Germany
2012 Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July, USA.
2012 Quilting Studio, summer issue ,USA.
2012 Salon Blanc, catalogue Tokyo Metroplitan Museum of Art, Japan.
2012 4th Triennial of Textile Art , Szombathely, Hungary.
2011 Art Quilting Studio, summer issue, USA.
2011 Texpo Art, catalogue 2nd Triennial of Textile Arts, Romania .
2011 Quiltnieuws, Netherlands.
2010 The Art Quilt Collection ,Penn Publishing, USA.
2010 Textile Fibre Forum, Australia.
2010 European Art Quilts VI, Netherlands.
2010 Wir sind aus solchem Stoff…Irsee, Germany.
2009 Art Cloth, Engaging New Visions, , Fairfield Museum, Australia.
2008 Textile Now , Drusilla Cole, Laurence King, London, UK.
2008 50 Jaar Zeeuwse Kunstkring, the Netherlands.
2007 Dutch Quilts, Ria van Els, Franeker, the Netherlands.
2007 Fiberarts Magazine, USA.
2007 Patterns, Drusilla Cole, Laurence King, London, UK.
2006 Creative Quilts, Sandra Meech, Batsford London, UK.
2006 Quilt –Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany.
2005 Quilting Arts Magazine, winter issue, USA.
2005 Textile Forum, winter issue, Hannover, Germany
2005 Fiberarts Magazine, April, USA.
2004 Gwangju Biennale, International Art to Wear Exhibition, Gwanju , Korea
2003 Calendar, Textiel Plus, the Netherlands.
2003 Fiberarts Design Book 7, USA.
2002 Einblicke, Durchblicke, Ausblicke, Irsee, Germany.
2002 Magische Träume, Miniartextil, Como, Italy.
2001 Surface Design Journal, summer issue, USA.
2001 Textiel Plus Magazine,The Netherlands.
2001 Tradition and Innovation, Riga, Latvia.
2000 25 Jahre Textilkunst, Gallery Smend, Cologne, Germany.
2000 2nd International Flag Biennale, Szombathely, Hungary.
1999 Fiberarts Designbook 6, USA.
1999 Fili di luce, Miniartextil , Como, Italy
1999 Now & Then, Gent, Belgium.
1998 Textile, Unesco 1998, Paris, France.
1997 Fiberarts International
1997 Textielkunst I, Hannover, Germany.
1997 The best of Silkpainting, Tuckman/Janas, USA.
1995 Textiel Plus 152, Netherlands.
1995 Creative Silkpainting, Tuckman/Janas, USA.
1995 Flying Needle 3, USA.
1994 Textiel Plus 149, Netherlands.
1994 Stichting Beeldende Amateurkunst, calendar, the Netherlands.
1993 Handbuch Seidenmalerei, Gallery Smend, Cologne, Germany.